CageTalkers® Workplaces

Whether it is change stations, medical workbenches, open transfer carts, or transfer tables. We find a way to automate the processes by automatically recognizing the cages and the animals on them and improving the quality of their documentation.

We are not only helped by the electronic cage card CageTalkers® as a display, but also by our “TalkIts”. TalkIts are RFID labels specially developed by us. They consist of an adhesive foil, an RFID chip, a QR code, and the laminating film. TalkIts stick to any smooth surface, be it an electronic cage card, cage, fish tank, or other equipment that has an Electronical Shelf Label as a display.

The QR code and the code in the RFID chip correspond to that of the display so that you can mark the object in the place where a reader is most accessible to recognize the object. For example, on the bottom of the cage. In addition, the corresponding label can always be flashed by scanning the QR-Code, should the display and TalkIt ever be separated.

The Tuning Set

The tuning set consists of an easily removable box with a mini-PC and 3 readers under the worktable with an integrated KeyPad and a toolbar clamped between the side walls of a laminar flow station to hold monitor, animal reader and camera. Using TalkIts, little dots with an integrated RFID, which are temporarily attached to the cage bottom, the cages can be automatically detected on the work board without having to use scanners. Likewise, the problem of autoclaving RFIDs no longer arises. This setup has a great influence on hygiene safety and ease of operation by the users. The instant update of the cage cards on the CageTalkers gives users additional security and control.

Changing Station

The only requirement for the cages to be automatically read on the work board of the changeover stations is to retrofit the changing station with a work board made of high-pressure laminates such as Trespa. We have already done this for Vivarium Consult's changing station and for service carts, which we us as open changing stations.

Working with AI in the Changing Station

Save time and increase safety when documenting processes at the changing station with artificial intelligence in the CageTalkers front end. Did you know that the cages’ data on your workboard alone predetermines certain documentation processes? For work at the changing station when operating the software, this means a minimum of navigation, much less space required, and more hygiene with less effort. Processes are automatically recognized with the help of artificial intelligence, confirmed, and then processed in the software in one go.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team