Cage-based animal Management powered by the electronic Cage Card – CageTalkers®

The electronic cage card – CageTalkers® stands for cage-based, automated cage, and animal management.

Automated cage inventories with localization of cages, a quick check of the 3 pages of the electronic cage card, and the LED flash to quickly find the cage where something needs to be done, underlines this.

Often the animal is also electronically marked as a carrier of medical information. This leads to further security of data collection. Always, however, the matching of the animals with their cage plays a decisive role in data quality. Animals are never transported or manipulated at the Laminar Flow Station (LFS) without their cage and a cage card that accurately describes its contents.

CageTalkers, the electronic cage card as an image of the cage, in combination with the CageTalkers Operating System (CTOS), enables automated documentation with parallel multi-cage processing on the LFS with a secure recording of the data and immediate visual control of the produced cage cards directly at the cage.

Test and review

For the implementation of CageTalkers® we provide tools that allow to test and verify cage cards on CageTalkers even without the infrastructure of Base Stations and Transceivers. Whether you work with an Animal Management System or Excel, you can configure and simulate the creation of the CageTalkers. This is especially interesting for developing new cage card layout and the integration of our service.

The Virtual Changing Station

With the Virtual Changing Station(VCS) you can manage multiple cages, just like on the work board of your changing station. The VCS acts as a front end for Excel users or for Animal Management Systems which have a weak functionality supporting the processes on the changing station. Animals are simply placed in their cages. From the automatic color changing you can see whether you created a mating. You can undo all changes until you are sure that all animals are in the correct cage and only then create the CageTalkers®.

Flexible Alert System

Alerts can be set for entire cages and for individual animals. Automatically because of events or by the user based observations


Reports help you keep track of your cages and plan. Detailed reports and general overviews bring transparency to the situation of your animal husbandry and the individual rooms.

System Administration and Monitoring

With System Administration and Monitoring you configure individual templates for up to 3 pages for each different CageTalkers® models for each respective work group and, each purpose (e.g. keeping, breeding, experiment). This means unmatched flexibility in supporting your processes. During operation CageTalker Models are automatically recognized and, you can switch between these pages independently of a network connection using the Fast Infrared Key. Likewise, any alerts can be defined. The monitoring supervises the running operation and delivers foresighted messages if possibly problems might arise. Each generated image and the underlying data are historized with an exact date and a transaction history, so that the exact cage situation is also documented retrospectively.