Demo presentation

We are pleased to offer two informative sessions presented by Stephan Hammelbacher. These presentations are designed to help you understand our innovative products and their benefits. Please select a time slot for the presentation that best fits your schedule. We look forward to connecting with you.

Explainatory Meeting CageTalkers-Electronic Cage Cards

Join us for an informative session on CageTalkers-Electronic Cage Cards, led by Stephan Hammelbacher. This one-hour meeting will cover the features, benefits, and usage of our electronic cage cards. You’ll receive web conferencing details upon confirmation of your booking. Please select a time slot that fits your schedule.

IsoSpin – The mobile and automated Cleanroom

Join us for a concise and informative session on IsoSpin – The Mobile and Automated Cleanroom, presented by Stephan Hammelbacher. In this 30-minute meeting, you’ll learn about the capabilities and advantages of IsoSpin. Web conferencing details will be provided upon confirmation of your booking. Please choose a time slot that suits your availability.

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